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ICC Update & Recruitment rambling

Not that I’ve really mentioned our progression before, but we finally got our shit together and netted ourselves a LK kill a couple weeks ago.  I don’t understand why we had a mental block, but after seeing the fight for about 22-24-ish hours we finally got it and were able to execute.

As a side note – It is SO irritating to go searching for tips and tricks that might help your guild only to see that every other person who is posting about what their guild did isn’t having the same issues.  Even worse, is that those people make it sound like they just danced through our “problem child” phase only to get stuck later.

Anyway, hooray for us!  LK is dead neener neener neeners!

As with all things, there was an equal and opposite reaction.  That day was the catalyst for a few of our newer members to decide that they were just bored with the game and so they decided to quit.  Not to harp on the subject (oh fuck it, this is my biggest pet peeve in game), but none of them said anything about it.  Not a peep.  One of them was actually in tells with another of our officers chatting for most of the raid and a decent portion of time afterwards about how happy he was that he transferred and joined us.  So happy in fact that he fell off the face of the earth and along with the other 3-4, stopped responding to PMs, emails sent to whatever address they used to register on the forums, and weren’t even responding to their friends that they had gamed with for a year and a half prior to transferring as a group to join us.

Seriously, how hard is it to find your balls and give the guild a heads up?

I admit it; I fall into the trap of taking recruitment and handling the new people way too personally.  We’re a progression-oriented guild; we’re not going to be out there getting world first kills, but we are bumping along quite nicely at around 1200-ish world.  But part of that, is that I’m clearly not cut-throat enough.  When people disappear with no warning, I assume that something happened that’s preventing them from getting in game.  I don’t immediately kick them and open recruitment for their spot.  Hell, I’ve had my fair share of job-hell, family dying, and just those times in your life when you want to hide under a rock for a while and wait for it all to blow over, and if I wasn’t kicked even though my attendance dropped (though to be fair, I gave notification with the exception of one time) how can I go and kick people just because they aren’t as tied to the forums as I am?  Well, we finally found out that two of the four sold their accounts since they were so bored with the game (yay for them also being in the raid when we killed LK so they got their “I beat the game” moment : / ) and another is probably selling as well.  /gkick /gkick /gkick  Once again, recruitment has kicked in and we’re in a major cycle.

To that note, for those of you who have been recruiting (or were even just raiding) for a long time – back in Vanilla leading up to the TBC release, or even just during TBC leading up to the Wrath release – are you seeing the same patterns in recruitment posts from individuals as you did during the incipient expac releases?  It seems to me that more and more posts are of people who are maybe halfway through ICC25, but want to join HM guilds or “top 100” guilds.  It feels like the ICC buff/nerf has hastened the expansionitis that people are feeling and they perceive Cataclysm is going to be released ASAP.  Other than that observation, recruitment is going fairly well.  Of course it helps that even though we’re looking for quite a few people/classes to fill in the holes, we’re still progressing in ICC25HMs and are currently 5/12.


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I think that most people who use the internet are familiar with John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory:

We’ve all seen or heard of “those people” in PuGs who are complete assholes just because there’s minimal to no accountability.

If being anonymous on the internet makes it easier to be an asshole, why then is it nigh impossible to be honest with your guild about why you’re leaving? It’s still the internet.  You’re still anonymous.  Sure, depending on how long you’ve been with the guild there are different levels of friendship, but at the end of the day we’re still just a collection of random people on the internet.  It’s not like you’re going to see those former guild members the next day at work/school or that weekend at the bar.

In the past year and a half that I’ve been doing recruitment, I can think of one person who left the guild and was honest about why they were leaving.  Then there are the others who left because “I have my reasons but I’m not looking to cause drama so I’ll keep them to myself” (server transferred to a slightly more progressed guild), “My girlfriend got pissed and deleted all my characters so I can’t make raids until Blizzard restores my account” (server transferred to a more progressed guild), or from a trial after a week “I don’t feel like I’m meshing with the guild” (server transferred to a guild that is FAR more progressed and working on the last few HMs in ICC25) .  Those are just the few I can think of who actually gave “reasons” compared to others who either transferred with no word or just stopped logging in on their character(s) all together.

That one person who was honest about why they were leaving?  She left to a guild that was progressing faster and more consistently than we were.  But the difference between her and the others I referenced above:  she didn’t try to give us a line of bullshit.  She was honest about the fact that she wanted more progression and a more intensive raiding schedule.  Awesome!  We’re not uber hardcore so of COURSE you need to find somewhere that suits you better.  I already considered her to be a high caliber player and fun person to be guilded with, but the way she handled her exit really upped my respect for her.  Every time we have someone new who leaves the guild I think of her and to be honest, I consider her and her actions as the bar by which I judge the person leaving and how well (or poorly) they handled their exit.

No guild can be all things to all people.  I don’t expect that once people join our guild that we will be their final home in WoW and that they will never ever leave.  But I don’t think it’s too much to expect a little honesty (as opposed to sugar-coating or outright lies) when you’re on your way out.

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