They say (and who is “they” anyhow) that nothing in life is certain but death and taxes.  And change.  Well, maybe not change, but certainly the other two.

Tonight will be the grand finale for our guild.  On the offchance we have enough people to raid, we’ll blow through all of the hardmodes that are farm content for us (9) and clear the rest of the fights on normal if we have time in hopes that we get our 2nd person either finished with their Shadowmourne or at the very least, much closer.  He’s got 10 shards left to go so he could get lucky.  After raid, we’ll make the announcement that we’re hanging up our raiding hats and shutting down the guild.

We’ve been heading that way for a while since we stopped having someone actively recruiting, but over the past couple of weeks we’ve been calling at least one raid and generally two out of our four raids each week.  After raid ended last night (the close of the raid week) we had three people announce that they were transferring to new guilds or going casual which left us with 26 “active” raiders.  So far today we’ve had another person post that they’re moving on to a new guild and there are two people who are late for tonight’s raid if not out entirely so we’ll see if we can actually cobble together a raid or if the rest of the guild has finally figured out how to read between the lines to realize that it’s over.

Either way, if we have a raid tonight, great!  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for lots of shards to drop.  But if we don’t have a raid, that’s fine too because it will give me time to mail out the portions of guild bank funds to each remaining raider since the only way we were able to accrue the gold in guild bank was due to the collective efforts of those who raided.  Then I get to finally go through and shut down the various posts and threads for recruitment and update our guild info to reflect that we’ve left raiding and called it quits.

All that’s left after that is to go through the forums and purge the irrelevant forums and posts and make the changes needed so that the core group that’s played together for 5+ years has a place better tailored for our needs now that WoW won’t function as the main tie.  I’m envisioning separate game forums so that it’s not all crammed together as well as increasing the permissions so that Joe Q. Public can’t wander in and gawk over our exit from WoW in hopes of seeing and participating in drama.

I should be sad about the final demise of our guild, but I’m not.  All I feel is a great sense of relief to not have to play with about half to two-thirds of our raiders.  I’m perfectly content to have my evenings back for a bit while I take my time crafting my eventual post to the recruitment forums to hopefully find a new guild.  And if I don’t find one, *shrug* I won’t be heartbroken.  The WoW I enjoy is sadly a WoW of the past.  It’s the game I played during Vanilla levelling up my very first character in my first guild, the antics that we’d get into, and the raids (MC/AQ40)that we’d do even if we could only get enough people maybe once or twice a week.  It’s the game I played after I left my first guild for a real progression oriented raiding guild and got to experience the remaining raids.  It’s the game I played and the home I found in my current guild at the tail end of Vanilla and through Sunwell.  It’s not the game I’ve been playing in Wrath.  Maybe the “responsibility” of leadership and recruitment ruined my game and my guild for me, either way, as this chapter comes to a close, all I can do is let out a sigh of relief.


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