Hodir rep…how many more carrots do you people need?

I admit it…I’m the poor sucker who didn’t step back fast enough late in TBC; over the course of assisting our GM with recruitment, I became the recruitment officer when he quit WoW.  What on earth was I thinking?

Anyway, it’s a thankless job that someone’s got to do and that someone is me.  There’s a whole host of other people out there like me and we all have one pretty standard request:

Please, for the love of all that is holy, be exalted with the Sons of Hodir (or be a max level Inscriptionist).

I know what you’re thinking.  You hate to grind out reps.  I do too!  I hated doing the damn Hodir dailies:  polish the helm, blow the horn, thrust the spear, ride the damn protodrake (that I couldn’t figure out for the first several months), bang on the anvil, you get the picture.  Being on a PVP server just made it worse (especially since I’m allergic to PVP) and so I admit it, I slacked off and didn’t max my rep for a few months into Wrath.  I was a bad raider and I knew it.  But I finally sucked it up and got exalted with those Sons of bitches…Hodir because there’s no excuse to not have the best enchants available.

Then in 3.0.8, Blizzard made it easier, we could turn in the nifty little Relic’s of Ulduar for rep and give or sell them to others.  For some, this was the carrot they needed to finally hit exalted with the Sons of Hodir.  But for some of you, you were stubborn and didn’t want to farm rep nor did you want to buy relics to use for rep.

Once again, Blizzard came to the aid of the masses of people who hated the Sons of Hodir and their sexually suggestive quests and who had spat on Blizzards previous change to the Relics of Ulduar.  For them (and for the rest of us with alts), Blizzard came to the rescue in 3.2.2 by adding the ability to get Hodir rep by doing the daily dungeon quests.  And still people resisted.

Finally, 3.3.0 was released.  The Daily Dungeon quests were removed, but commendation badges could be bought for a single Emblem of Triumph.  Hodir reputation was sped up by 30% and Blizzard even increased the rep gains from the Hodir quests.  Additionally, the Hodir shoulder enchants were made Bind on Account so that anyone who had already done the “grind” on one character didn’t have to do it again so long as both characters were on the same server.  Yet, with all the changes that blizzard has made, there are still people out there who haven’t maxed out their reputation with Sons of Hodir.  Still!

Blizzard has done all but wave a magic wand and send every character a certificate in the mail that upon redemption gives our characters exalted rep with the Sons of Hodir.

If you’re running your random heroic each day, that’s generally anywhere between 4 and 8 badges depending on which instance you get and if your group clears every boss.  So worst case scenario, you’re getting 4 badges every 20-30 minutes of instance time (not including wait time, sorry dps :().  If you only get 4 badges, that’s 2080 rep with the Sons of Hodir if you redeem your Triumph badges for Hodir commendation tokens.

How many of you are actually lacking Triumph badges?  It is ridiculously easy to get Triumph badges now.  Take some friends and do a quick breeze through Naxx…poof!  Triumph badges.  Sit in the LFG channel when you’re hanging out in Trade and hop in a pug Wrath raid…poof!  Triumph badges.  No pugs going on on your server?  Meet some new people in the random LFG tool and spend an hour or more of your time doing a few heroics.  Again…more Triumph badges.

Yes you may hate doing heroics with the random group finder because you “always” get stuck with “bad” people, but clearly most people hate doing the Hodir dailies more.  So pick your poison:  easy badges to exchange for Hodir rep, or days of of prostituting yourself for the Sons of Hodir.

The only reason to not be exalted with the Sons of Hodir at this point in the expansion is because you’re lazy.  And take it from someone who does recruitment, if you want to get into a guild that is pushing new content (not just the bleeding edge guilds) and you’re demonstrating that you’re too lazy to improve your own character, we’re not going to give you a second look.


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