Why hello!

My druid was my very first (and continues to be my only significant) character when I first started playing WoW back in 2005.  Back then I levelled as some horrifically awful balance/resto spec that I kept until I hit 60 and changed to a standard resto build for raiding.  I’ve not looked back and have been resto ever since, although I do like to show off my feathers every once in a blue moon.  🙂  Just don’t ask me to tank; you don’t want to experience the horror.

I’ve been in the raiding game since the summer of 2006 and continue to be active in 25m raiding.  I enjoy the challenge and camaraderie of working together with 24 other people to get bosses and hard modes down, even though I do want to choke my guildies at times.

Aside from raiding, I manage our healers and am in charge of recruitment.  And when I get tired of bouncing around Dalaran chit-chatting with the guild, I occasionally try to level my baby alts that can never manage to get out of the 20s.


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