Imma Chargin’ Ma Lazerz

The other day when I was bouncing around Dalaran aimlessly, I saw the alt of one of our members posting in LFG that they needed a DPS for Sarth25 for the weekly.  It was the end of the raid week so there wasn’t much interest, but since I wasn’t saved I offered to go and give my best interpretation of a Laser Turkey.

Mind you, I’ve pretended that balance was my second spec since dual spec was available, but given the various needs of different encounters my second spec was either a HT spec for AnubHM attempts (whenever we were actually working on it) or a “ball soaking” spec for Twins (when we were missing our bear tank).  So with all that I’ve probably had a balance spec for maybe two weeks total.

Aside from making sure I had the UI tweaks sorted to be reasonably effective in that spec, I hadn’t played it at all.  Even with all that I still managed to put out a respectable 5.5k dps and somehow was third on the damage done meters.

Pugs (especially at the end of the raid week) apparently can be a great way to feed my inner meter chaser.  😀

Now to actually spend some time practicing my rotation to see if I can improve that for the next time.


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